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Mosaic Trader is wholesale only. If you are a retail customer please go to Customers in the USA please go to

  • For Fedex bulk economy rates to North America the best value is 60-68kg. The weight is at the bottom of the shopping cart. A full rate table is on our shipping page.
  • To the rest of the world the best value is minimum 19kg and max 59kg per order. We will contact you to fill any extra space in your box.

Brexit: Orders of less than 100 euros to the UK cannot be accepted due to the new regulations on VAT and import duties by the HMRC. VAT and import duties will be collected in the UK by the UK Tax office on entry. Shipping costs to the UK incl. NI may not be accurately calculated on the website and extra charges may apply. For local purchasing of our products check with Hobby Island, Mosaic Heaven and The Crafty Glass Box.

No More Cash! You can pay using the following methods online or in person: Bank Transfers, Debit and Credit cards, Paypal or other 3rd party payment systems including Xoom, Zelle, Wise, Revolut, Klaarna, Western Union and Moneygram. We are able to create Purchase orders for US checks on Mosaic Trader USA orders only.