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Artisan Porcelain

Handmade artisanal tiles from India. Each tile is hand cut cut from a larger double high fired porcelain mass that is rated for outdoor use and for floors. These are sold a set of 9 tiles covering an area of 6x6 inches (so 4 sets make a square foot). The glazes are made from traditional indian recipes using ground glass and mineral oxides to give a rich, deep and impermeable finish. The glaze is applied by hand to create a distinct variation in the depth and colour of each tile which creates the artisanal traditional look that is so popular today. Each tile measures 5x5 cm (2 x2 inches) and is 7.0mm (1/3 inch) thick. UVA and Frost Resistant for extreme weather conditions we recommend sealing the back of the tiles with a PVA glue solution (1 part PVA to 4 parts water). Apply liberally using a roller or large brush to the backside of the tiles. These tiles can be used both inside and outside for kitchens and spas. Create the traditional Zellij look of Morrocco by using them whole or cut to create geometrical patterns. These may be combined with the Winckelmans Heritage French tiles in 50mm.

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